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Being green isn’t right-wing or left-wing. In his latest Going Green column Robert Butler argues it's merely about behaving with courtesy ...

From INTELLIGENT LIFE Magazine, Spring 2011

During the French revolution, Mary Wollstonecraft, author of “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman”, was living in Paris with her lover, Gilbert Imlay, and their young child, Fanny. Wollstonecraft recorded the various lessons that she taught her daughter. One day Fanny asked her mother what thinking was. Fanny was concerned that this was a skill she would never acquire. Her mother reassured her that she had already learnt how to think a little and reminded her of the afternoon when her father had been asleep on the sofa. Fanny had needed to cross the room to fetch a ball and had tiptoed past her father so as not to wake him, and then closed the door very quietly behind her. That was thinking.

It’s not the type of thinking that gets you top grades in class, but it may be the most useful kind there is. We need it the whole time. It’s why, when the doors open on the tube or the metro, we let other people get off before we try to get on. It’s why we stand to one side of the escalator, allowing those in a hurry to overtake. It’s why we don’t let the door slam in the face of the person behind us.

This isn’t about manners in terms of etiquette. It’s not about how you hold your knife and fork—ideas about that differ round the world. It’s about behaving with a degree of courtesy, and because we live in a globalised world, that courtesy now extends further than we might imagine. Going green is not about changing lightbulbs, measuring parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere, shutting down Kingsnorth Power Station, owning a Toyota Prius or installing a personal energy monitor. All that may come later. First and foremost, it’s about what Mary Wollstonecraft was telling her child—noticing there’s someone else in the room.

For this reason, going green isn’t left-wing or right-wing. It isn’t a threat. It isn’t a conspiracy by scientists or a means of introducing socialism by the back door. It isn’t even anti anything much, except boorishness. (Though boorishness has many manifestations.) Its real enemy is not-thinking. If you poison the well, people can’t drink from it. If you overfish the ocean, you end up with no fish. If you burn coal, you warm the planet.

If you take more than your share and behave as if other people didn’t exist, you piss them off. One day they will strike back, as one or two of the world’s autocrats have discovered this year. There was a picturesque example of this a few years ago at a hotel on the Italian Riviera. A Welsh coach driver was so incensed by German tourists getting up at the crack of dawn and putting their towels on all the sun-loungers that he got up early one morning, gathered up all the towels and set fire to them. The other holidaymakers cheered.

The conservative philosopher Roger Scruton has a new book out, entitled “Green Philosophy”, in which he sees the environmental problem as arising from “the loss of equilibrium that ensues when people cease to understand their surroundings as a home”. One way to think of your surroundings as home is to think of the things you say at home, the things you say to your children or that were said to you as a child. We want our children to be reasonably polite—to say “please” and “thank you” and offer things to other people—because, even if they want something right this minute, we want them to be aware that they aren’t the only people in the universe. Getting what you want, just when you want it, and ignoring everyone else, would be spoilt. No child wants to be called that.

So we encourage them to think beyond the moment, to see that there needs to be enough to go round. These ideas can be boiled down to bumper stickers. If you make a mess, clear it up. If you break something, fix it. If you borrow something, you need to return it. Don’t take things that aren’t yours. Leave a place the way you found it. Make sure there’s enough to go round. If you use it all now, there won’t be any for later. Make sure everyone’s had a go.

It’s not very complicated. Of course plenty of people will say this is terribly naive. The real world isn’t like this. They will have precepts of their own that they’ll want to pass on to their children. I want it and I want it now. We are exceptional. Our way of life is not negotiable. Shop till you drop. Drill baby drill. But, as Mary Wollstonecraft would have explained to her daughter, that isn’t really thinking. It’s not-thinking. Going green is about trying to act like a grown-up.

Robert Butler, a former theatre critic, blogs on the arts and the environment at the Ashden Directory, which he edits. His previous article was about the lasting power of "Heart of Darkness". Picture credit: BlueEyedA73 (via Flickr)

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Se você deseja dados completos sobre a sua condição atual e orientação sobre sua composição corporal ideal faça um exame de A BIOIMPEDÂNCIA . Tudo através de uma exclusiva tecnologia multifrequência e tetrapolar com oito eletrodos para análise segmentada (Sistema In Body).

Multifrequência Sistema tetra-polar
com 8 eletrodos táteis
Método Segmentar Direto

A BIOIMPEDÂNCIA consiste em um exame que avalia com alta precisão e rapidez a composição corporal, através da qual é possível avaliar:

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Peso corporal
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Percentual de gordura do corpo
Controle do peso
Controle de gordura
Controle de músculos
Taxa de metabolismo basal.
Água Corporal Total (Litros e % de Água na Massa Magra)

A bioempedância permite um maior controle no acompanhamento da perda de peso possibilitando:

Monitorar o ganho ou perda de massa gordurosa
Monitorar o ganho ou perda de massa magra.
Avaliar os níveis de hidratação
Avaliar o impacto da Atividade Física na composição corporal
Avaliar a eficácia de tratamento dietético e/ou medicamentoso na perda da gordura corporal
Avaliar a evolução nutricional de pacientes submetidos a Tratamento Cirúrgico para controle do peso corporal
Avaliar o risco de desenvolvimento de doenças como diabetes e hipertensão devido ao excesso de gordura

FONTE: InBody - Ottoboni. Disponível em www.ottoboni.com.br

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Crianças que não comem ou que comem demais! Verdade e mentiras, dicas que a gente nem sabe mais se segue ou não. Nessa área da alimentacão infantil, não pára de pipocar informações... Os pais cada vez mais perdidos e as vezes desesperados!

Foi por isso que decidi oferecer um serviço de consultoria de alimentação para crianças. O atendimento pode ser feito a domicílio ou no consultório. O que melhor se adequar ao cliente.

Segunda-feira dia 25/04, juntamente com a Carla Binfaré, estarei dando uma oficina para aumentar a criatividade das babás no que diz respeito a alimentação infantil!

Ofereça essa oportunidade a sua babá!

Onde: Lezanfan
Quando: 25/04- segunda-feira
Horário: 10:00
Valor: R$ 60,00



Alguns dias atrás postei uma imagem da magreza exagerada de uma de uma atriz americana o que gerou muitos comentários sobre o poder dessa refência para as jovens que buscam incessantemente um corpo parecido.
Nesse dia chuvoso, que não amina pra manter qualquer dieta e rotina de exercícios posto a imagem da linda atriz Scarlett Johansson para "provar" que as lindas e milhonárias atrizes também tem celulite, que correm pra perder peso e que lutam assim como todas nós para ficar um pouco melhores a cada dia. Então amigas... força na peruca! Muito exercício muita água e boa alimentação! Avant!

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A partir de segunda dia 11/04 começo atender 1 x por semana em caxias na La Vendela.
Agende sua consulta 51 9334 9976
Espero vocês!!